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Here is a list of my services:

  • Ascendancy research , tracing from one individual or several, back as far as public records go.
  • Descendancy research (tracing all descendants of a given generation.)
  • Provision of copies of original birth (baptism), marriage, death records from original civil and church records. I can provide these documents in file or in printed copies.
  • Translation of any documents and letters from Italian and Latin.
  • Help in finding living relatives in Italy. 
  • Assistance in travelling to Italy. I’d be glad to give my assistance to plan, organize and execute a trip to Italy, to meet your relatives or to stay with your family, in the pleasure of discovering your origin.
  • Analysis of surname: etimology, frequence, area of biggest diffusion.
  • Assistance in obtaining Italian citizenship. I can provide important genealogical documents in order to gain an Italian passport.
  • Assistance to obtain inheritance or for other attorney matters.
  • Obtaining specific records as requested