About your services…I would like to say. Iuri did a thorough research on my family name, Mandarano, and the small village, Stio, that they were from. Not only did he trace our family back to the mid 1600′s; but he also sent us documented proof of births, deaths, and marriages. Iuri photographed the village that my grandfather was from and it made us feel like we were actually there. He also sent us some souvenirs from the local handicraft shops and other memorabilia from the town. We also received music CD’s with Italian music from the era. Iuri communicates promptly via email and does the research in a timely manner. Iuri communicates fluently in English. His rates were very reasonable and I feel that the money that I spent on the Italian research was money well spent. If anyone would like additional references for Iuri’s work. Please email me at…
C. Mandarano .USA

I employed Iuri to find my relatives that still live in Italy. He found many. He is a very fine man + after talking to him by phone, I can tell you that he is the professional genealogist I would use again. He is reasonable + does a great work.
V. Madonna .USA

I had never had done anything like this before, so putting my trust (and money) in someone I didn’t know was very important. I found him through my own searching, and then made an initial contact with him. Iuri, went to the town where my grandfather was from and took digital pictures of his birth records (and sister) and his parents records! He took pictures of the town and even found cousins of my father still alive in Milano! I’ve written to them and Iuri has translated the letter into Italian for free.[?] He would be able to determine what the cost would be for you. In the end I realized that you can only get so much information for free; it was worth it for me to finally know what happened to my father’s relatives.
Regards, J. Fuoco .Canada

I am very satisfied with your service. I thought you were prompt, you kept me informed about the research, your results were well documented and exactly as promised. The price you quoted was fair, agreed upon ahead of time and there were no hidden charges or fees. Dealing with you was a good experience. I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone.

I was surprised at the depth and detail of the research data provided by Mr. Silvestri, from digital copies of the original records to pictures of my ancestors’ town and its surroundings. Truly, Mr. Silvestri, honors his profession by his excellent work.

In just a short time in my grandparents village, iuri found out a lot of information about my family. It was worth every penny. Iuri is very nice to work with.
R. D. L. USA

I recently had the opportunity of working with Iuri Silvestri on my family genealogy. I was looking for someone to help me with my family tree when I came across some testimonials on a genealogy website about Iuri. I took a chance and sent him an email. He was prompt with his response and more then telling, willing to answer to any question I had. I found him to be extremely honest, trough, and his knowledge of our English language was excellent. He took nothing for granted, he worked with me as if he was part of my family. I am very satisfied with the work he did, how he did it and also with his costs. If anyone is looking for an honest and reliable people to do their family genealogy I highly recommend Iuri Silvestri for the job. Thank you Iuri, it was a pleasure working with you.
M. Mason. USA

Doing those trips Iuri was able to research this side of my family all the way back to the late 1500′s. What a great record he completed for me, including pictures of the village and every page of the record books that contained any family reference. I felt like I had been there – and when I do finally go there I will contract with Iuri to be my guide to my family?s history. Thanks so much Iuri.

I was delighted both with the information that you found for me and the amount of information you found. I would definitely recommend you to anyone who wanted to hire a family history researcher in Italy. It was excellent work! Thank you very much.
R.G. England

I found you to be reliable and honest, easy to correspond with and very reasonably priced. Most of all we were successful.
John Withers Australia

We are EXTREMELY pleased with your work, and we are truly amazed with the detail of information you were able to find.

Thank you for all of your assistance with the research. It has been an extremely fulfilling experience and went better than I could possibly have hoped. It has been a pleasure to work with you.
Thanks again.
I highly recommend contacting Iuri Silvestri for any genealogy work about your family that needs to be done in Italy. My family was astonished at the depth of his findings on our grandparents.  He was sincerely committed to providing us with as much information as possible. Fortunately, we were able to meet with Iuri during a family trip to our grandparents’ home town. He had paved the way for us to meet with members of the Mayor’s office and helped to explain the documents which they had already copied for us. In addition, Iuri spent the entire day with us touring the town and assisted us in meeting the local people. It was an experience of a lifetime and thanks to Mr. Silvrestri’s kind and caring manner, it was a very, very special day!  E.C.   USA