Prayer of the genealogy researcher

Dear ancestors, dear fathers and mothers,

dear brothers and sisters of mine,

I am addressing to you with humility and respect.

Thank you for the gift of life that you passed to me,

for the knowledge, the experiences and feelings

that from you have come to me and in me live again.

I bow in front of your commitment to improve

the lives of your beloved ones and descendants,

I embrace your lives, precious and imperishable pearls.

I know you have done your best:

I will honor you for this and always try to multiply

the best of you in my life and in the ones of my descendants.

If at any time you were wrong,

I am sending you my forgiveness,

with all my heart, and I commit to repair,

as much as I can, filling with love and compassion

the gaps that have been left from suffering.

I feel you close, inside of me,

and I am with you, with hugging arms:

I will walk with you in this life and your soul

will shine forever in me and my descendants.

Peace and harmony to all beings,

at everywhere,

in every time.


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