Prayer of the genealogy researcher

Prayer for the ancestors


Dear ancestors,

dear mothers and dear fathers,

dear sisters and dear brothers.

 I talk to you with humility and respect.

Thank you for the gift of life you gave me, for the knowledge, the experiences and the feelings that from you have come to me and in me relive. 

I bow in front of your efforts to improve the lives of your loved ones and your descendants. 

I embrace your lives, precious and imperishable pearls. 

I know that you have done your best: I will always honor you for this and I will try to multiply your successes in my life and in the lives of my descendants. 

If you have sometimes made a mistake, I understand and accept without judgment. 

I will do my best to be always wise and loving. In this way, might eventual gaps and errors heal and turn into new sequences of compassion and wisdom. 

With you I will walk in this my life and your souls will always shine in me and in my descendants. 

Peace and harmony to all beings,

of every place,

of all time.

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